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Welcome to SephRTBMods, where I've been preserving Alpha Blockland content since 2006. Although my site focuses mostly on RTB 1.045, I tackle almost all other data relating to the original Blockland as well. Even though the game is well over a decade old, some interest is still directed towards 0002 and my website, so I'll continue to keep it updated for your convenience.

~Sephiroth, Dec 2016.

We organize parties on occasion.


Download stuff for the game here:

PLAY RTB NOW! - RTB 1.045 + Xmenu + Bac's Pack 1.03

The link above has all the essential mods installed already so you don't have to manually do anything. It's been well over a decade since the release of RTB 1.045 and many people cant run the installers, but this should be a good fix. Plus you don't have to manually install RTB and the mods too.

Launch Play RTB.bat. If it doesn't work for you, right click it, go to properties, and run it as an administrator with backwards compatibility for Windows XP Service Pack 3.

Instant Downloads (provided by Demian)

Return To Blockland 1.045

Bac's Pack 1.03


Instead of manually downloading stuff one by one, I now have all of my 0002 content uploaded on to be preserved forever. Keep in mind it's going to be a long wait to download it all since its around 1.5~5 GB in size.

Blockland 0002 Archive - contains RTB (and all assorted mods for it), Vanilla Blockland, SFM, AiO, Bleh7777's stuff, and a lot more. The ultimate download.

Blockland Video Archive - contains around 100 old videos of RTB and 0002 such as djy1991's popular lost vids. This is sadly only a fraction of the videos that once existed for the game, but still contains a lot of fond memories for us veterans.

Blockland Photo Archive - over 1000 pics, should have a lot more stuff than the picasa album I made 5 yrs ago.


I need TBM, DTB, Retail, TOB etc files. I'm very willing to have them hosted here.


Individual RTB Mods - Hosted by Demian, this is a mirror of several maps and scripts for RTB.

Reuploads -  tldr; my old mediafire acc got terminated for some reason so I had to reupload all my stuff. Downloads to individual mods can be found here. You're better off downloading my shit though.


It may be 2017, but plenty of people still stop by or play sometimes. I encourage you to participate on the following sites to help keep the spirit of 0002 floating:

Discord - I decided to make a Discord server for all of you. Please join up and spread it like wildfire to any others still into 0002. And keep it active!

Andortb - Although now mostly dead, AndoRTB was Android's forum for RTB, created sometime around 2009 after another community known as Blockland Central died out. AndoRTB was very active for a few years, but now is mostly a ghost. You'll still find lots of information for RTB around, though. I encourage you to revive it.

Peekarica - An old project made by my buddy Antares, he now focuses on porting RTB to newer versions of the Torque engine. He made some forums for 0002 if you want to join up and talk.

RTB Wikia - A wiki made by Falco in 2009, that was active for a year. Some people occasionally come by to add in a little details. If you're bored, you can go apeshit on the wiki and fill in details. Apparently it still gets like 200 views a month.


I've decided to move site news to a new blogspot in order to streamline this site and get straight to the point. Click here to go to the blog and get news about the game. Here are some of the most recent stories as of date:

Mediafire Drama & Reuploads
Antares Ports RTB to latest Torque Game Engine Version
Sephiroth's Entire Blockland Archive Available For Download
SephRTBMods Site Redesign
2016 - New Map: Zion
Retail RTB Mirrored
Blockland 10th Anniversary


You would've assumed that in the 10+ years that RTB's existed that it would've come with instructions, but now a decade later, the official RTB has been abandoned for a year, and 1.045, for the 2010s. Regardless, I will provide a simple guide for you.

To install RTB 1.045 -

1. Download RTB 1.045. Look to the sidebar or down below for a download. 

2. Make a folder! (the installer doesn't make it's own folder)

3. Put the download, an .exe installer, in the folder you made. Run it.

4. You now have RTB! Launch PlayRTB.bat to run it.

To install Bac's Pack - 

1. Open the .zip with a program (7zip, winrar, winzip)

2. Drag all the files into your RTB folder's main directory (as in, where all of the files are shown; NOT in ___/rtb/ or __/rtb/data/missions)

3. Overwrite everything, wait and enjoy. 

Installing mods takes a bit of wit and experience, but most of the mods will have tutorials. 

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