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Here's a project a few friends and I did where we had people post their sites on a global list on my site, or we searched and archived other ones.

If you see any googlepages sites here, take the name of the site (such as rtb2250) and paste it to that format and it'll work.

All of the sites on this page were functioning when we begun the project in 2009. Sadly, in the amazing world of the internet, information tends to become lost; for reasons of being piled under too much other info, becoming abandoned and thus being deleted by the host sites, being deleted by the creators, and many other factors.

Don't expect many of these sites to survive. Often times, if someone is using a website maker, if their website is inactive after a period of time, it will be permanently shut down. I've checked back in 2014 on a lot of these sites, and most of them haven't survived. 

I don't even know if my site's going to survive another 5 years..

  • Sites that were focused primarily for RTB. Any site that isn't alive anymore will be moved to the bottom of the list.

  • Some old blogs from 2005.