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Here's a picture of the CBOX status as of NOV 13 2012.

 Here's the CBOX status as of MAY 30th, 2015..

As you can seeit's been nearly a thousand days already! 

My daily hits dropped by 4, which actually surprises me because I presumed it'd be 1 by now..

My views increased about 7,500.

Messages over 400.

Not bad for a ex-child's site about an abandonware game, eh? 

1. My old site, ( has amassed at least 80,000 unique hits. For a site about a dead game which, for the last 6 years, had a population of like 2, that's kind of impressive. 

2. Speaking of which, it had 189 unique members by the time it closed down.

(then again half of them were spambots but .. come on man, I have nothing else to be proud of. I haven't done jack shit in real life. Let me feel proud that my obscure site about a dead mod for an obscure lego game with a lord of the flies-esque community got 200 members.)

3. It also was one of the first few pages when you searched Blockland and was the 2nd highest for Return to Blockland (#1 was 

4. Some skiddie from TBM tried to ddos my site but ended up in some twoble from the goons @

5. Since the creation of / grtb (2008) I've eaten at Taco Bell over 200 times.

6. was started in 2008, but was preceded by, created in 2007, and was again, preceded by my gizmodo site from 2006.

7. On January 31st, 2013, Blockland will be 3000 days old, equivalent to 8 years, 2 months, and 17 days or 72,000+ hours, 4,320,000 minutes, or 259,200,000 seconds. 

8. On November 14th, 2014, blockland will be 10 years old.



Hey there, I decided to take my page from and port the content over here. Here's a table of contents (you'll have to CRTL F and type the following in)

a lot of these are user submitted so keep that in mind. 

Clear Accessories
Volcano Explosion
Wall Hacking
Cloak Yourself
Change Your Form
Set Stats
Hide Name using Set Status
Infinite Movers
Instant Return Mover
Superman Mode
NON-ADMIN Teleporting
Get Items / Weapons instantly Hack
Goog's Lagbrick
Change the Flow of Time
Instant Returns
Infinite Free Look
Non-Bacs automessage
Change the Background
Change Admin Pass / metrics functions (view fps etc) content

Clear Accessories

Type into the console: undress();

Your minifig will appear naked. Crtl S - appearance to reset

Volcano Explosion

You know The Isles map from RTB? You know that giant volcano at the center of the main island? Did you know you could make it erupt? 

To do this, type into the console (press ~) and enter commandtoserver('ER2701');

WARNING  If you're using BAC's Pack, the function will crash the game! 

Wall Hacking

Wall hacking is a technique used in games to walk through objects. It will take a lot of skill to maneuver and master, but if you can do it right, it will work.

1. Find the brick you want to walk through. Move the mouse down so minifig is all the way bent down.

2. Slightly move the mouse left or right and hold S until you aren't moving at all and the camera isn't either.

3. Crouche down and repeat the "Slight tapping left/right" to get through the brick

N. you have to be facing a specific direction exactly

Cloak Yourself

1. Press M and turn yourself into a cat. (IF you're not using BAC's, type into the console commandtoserver('catme');

2. Press CRTO O and click Okay

3. Whenever you Teleport (Get tele'd to a person, step on a tele brick, etc) you will become almost completely invisible. The minifig's shape will be visible if you're by a window brick.

Change Your Form

If you have BAC's Pack, all you have to do is press M. If not, here are some functions to transform into the 4 different shapes

CAT - commandtoserver('catme');

MONKEY - commandtoserver('monkeyme');

DROID - commandtoserver('droidme');

SKELETON - commandtoserver('skeleme');

Set Stats


Replace %status with what you want the text to say

Hide Name using Set Status

Use the full example on this text document - copy the full lines in turn and alter text accordingly.

You can use that shit to hide your name:


 Add the same amount of \t either side until your name has gone.

Easier way! :


$t="\t"; - Alter so you have a lot of \t

Then type:

commandtoserver('setstatus',$t @ "%status" @ $t);

Change %status to the status you want.

Infinite Movers

For this to work you either need BAC's Pack or Bleh7777's Infinite Mover Mod.

Put your wrench into mover mode, hit the brick, set the movement, and in the return delay write 2000 #INF.

*Note, experiment with 2000; ie change it and you might get different results so if this doesnt work give it another shot

The movement repeats until brick is deleted or settings are removed.

>> Keep in mind, the engine is from 2001. Don't expect to be able to have too many of these functions running.

Instant Return Mover

Enter -1000 into the return delay and the mover should come back instantly after having been to it's destination.

Superman Mode

 While hosting a server, press ~ to display the console window. Then, type:

CommandToServer('startSuperManMode',%breakBricks, %friendlyFire, 
%brickrespawn, %brickHits, %jetPack, %clearInv);

and press [Enter]. The message "You are superman" will appear.
Superman Mode makes you large, and a lot more powerful  
If you have BAC's Pack, press M and click Bots. You'll be able to access many features:
Follow Bot - follows the assigned player
Chop Bots - Attacks assigned player 
Guard Bots - They guard the assigned player
Patrol Bots - you can customize a bot to patrol along a specific path. 
I think they use shit like " W A S D " for movement so type that in I guess. If you
learn anything be sure to give me a call. 
NON-ADMIN Teleporting 
This is a secret hack I've kept hidden for.. Hell, longer than half a decade! But, 
Given the gravity of the situation, I figure why not release it already since
there isn't many people still 'round these parts anyways? 
 Type in the console: for( %i=0; %i<20; %i++ ) { commandtoserver('sit'); }

Enter a number here to go up (etc 2) / down (etc -2)

Enter a number here for a different plane.

If SIT is disabled, this won't work and you'll have to do yo own damn work.


commandToServer('crouchSpeed',[number]); Crouchspeed
commandToServer('toolReach',[level]);  Tool reach

It might not work in some mods or rtb itsself 

if that's the case go to the player.cs text and CRTL F "Maxdam" and scroll down till you find

the player movement values. For the tool reach modify the /tool files yourself

Get Items / Weapons instantly Hack

commandtoserver('AddtoInvent',2,40); add things to your inv

What category the item will be in

What the item will be

1-3 i think are spraycans

4-6 hammer wrench key

7-22 weapons (21 = dual lightsabre)

23 - 25_ = Bricks

Go peek around the script files for more info

Send a message via console

 commandtoserver('messagesent',"GLOK ARE AWESOME");

there was another function that let those who knew it make other people say shit but noone remembers :P

GooG's Lagbrick

~Removed lol but it's still on :) ~



Change the Flow of Time

While playing, open the console and type:


0.2 = slow-mo

1 = normal speed

2 = fast speed

Don't go over 10 unless your computer has been tuned properly for the engine mechanics (I've had it running at 260x Once. Even then was definitely way overboard.

This only effects the server if you're the host. 

Even so, each individual will have to manually type in the same function or they'll experience varying levels of lag.


I don't remember much but here's some info:

check elevator, put step 1, step time 1, and return time to 1.

Instant Returns

This is a random mover trick. Basically, type in -1000 as return delay of the mover. Mover will go to move xyz point normally, but doesnt come back slowly and instead instantly returns to start point


1.Start a server
2.Open the console
3.Type this into the console:

$Pref::Server::Name = "[RTB] *Color**ServerName*";

Change *Color* to:
\c0 - black
\c1 - red
\c2 - white
\c3 - white
\c4 - pink
\c5 - blue
And change *ServerName* to your server name.

4.  Push enter, and you're done!

WARING: This does add 3 characters to your 18 character server name length limit.

Infinite Free Look

You know freelook when you hold crtl and move the mouse? You think that's not enough, and want

to modify it and shit? 

1. find player.cs (Bacs directory: rtb/server/scripts/ptta/

normal is rtb/server/scripts

2. find FreeLookDegrees

3. Change values to 550 and you're done.

WARNING: This makes your head stop moving on freelook! 

BACK UP YOUR FOLDERS BEFORE YOU DO THIS (along with other scripts)

Non-bacs Automessage

This will teach you how to have an automessage without BAC's pack.

1. Find loadingGui.cs (normally rtb/client/scripts)

2. Find moveMap.push();

3. Under it, put :


--- If you have backs and want more than 1 auto:

1. Find loadingGui.cs (rtb/client/ptta)

2. Find commandtoserver('messagesent',$pref::player::automessage);

3. Under it, put :



change automessage to whatever the fuck you wanna say

Note, you can use \c0 ~ \c5 for colors

Change the background

1. find an image you want. IT HAS TO BE IN JPEG FORMAT

2 rename it to background

3. go to 



4. replace original background.jpeg for both to make it look like the god damn image

November 2012 update: An old bl member, CFSWorks found this game and we hung out for a while. He gave me some long lost scripts: 

Change Admin Pass Commandtoserver('SADSetPassword', "newpass");

Server Side: $Pref::server::adminpassword



for more search torque for metrics functions.

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